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Hornet25 2016/07/29 07:00:31 0 0
Dear Sirs,Not sure if this is currently possible but I have put it as a suggestion. It would be really helpful if the software could send Direct Messages to anybody that likes a image I post or who comments on a picture I post. My thinking is that I could post an image of a product I am selling and then in the Direct message I could pass on the link to the page on my website.I would be very interested to know if this is possible.Kind regards,...
nazuhl 2017/02/24 19:53:08 0 0
Hello, please add filter data module, I only want to be repinning and commenting on popular posts, but this cannot happen because there is no filter data module. Please add
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/13 20:49:20 0 0
now , if i try to make multiple orders for one account to move all the day step by step like human .i think if i made for example module of add friends to group1- first i will search friends ( Search A )2- add friends to group (run 10 times) .. (take from search A)..after many tasks .....10- add friends to groups (take from search A)this will...
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/01/24 12:32:14 0 0
i think if you put a standard tasks and put it in a quick update it will be better i mean , when i open the program in the first time i see standard tasks i can copy it and edit it these standard tasks is : 1- adding friends to group2- sending messages to friends3- sending messages to group members4- sending comments on specifec keywords..... and so on for all features which...
fxaviation 2016/11/09 12:27:33 0 0
The Halloween offers were good, it would be nice to have some Black Friday offers on 25th November and Cyber Monday offers on 28th NovemberThanks
goldenleap 2016/10/04 13:34:10 0 0
Please allow an easier way to follow people on LinkedIn.  Think about it, you have to specifically type the name of a person's to scrape and follow on LinkedIn.  For example, if I type "Kelly Smith", then LinkedIn would search for anyone by that name, or else search would yield no results if no such name exisits.  The whole point to Follow people is to scrape people you do not know to build a network.Instead, may I suggest following people...
goldenleap 2016/10/04 13:27:03 0 0
Currently for LinkedIn Tasks, there is no such module to actually post anything, or perform RSS Post even.  Only sharing posts are available.  Please allow future changes to allow to post on LinkedIn for FollowingLike
thechosen 2016/10/03 09:00:24 0 0
Hello,thanks for adding the accept friend request function but there is still a lot to improve on this function. Please take a look at this PDF file where I have described in more detail how you can improve ithttps://www.slideshare.net/secret/x41hBdfGLRRxqYThanks
Ruchir774 2016/09/28 09:32:02 0 0
goldenleap 2016/09/23 23:59:55 0 0
If there is an option to comment on photos of users who have more than a certain # of followers, that would be great.  Please see snapshot below from another BOT I use, they have a cool option like this:...
goldenleap 2016/09/20 15:55:58 0 0
For Facebook on FollowingLike, the RSS feed does great job of posting the Text to the Wall, it would be great if an image could populate from it automatically, just like how it is done on Twitter using TAP4.0.  The photo is always null.  Anyway you can encode the RSS feed to also show the Photo Node??  That would really help engage readers to my posts....
goldenleap 2016/09/20 16:25:42 0 0
For RSS across all programs (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin), please have an Import Button to allow the URL data to be fethced from a text document.  I have many URLs saved, and it would be best, instead of copying and pasting one by one in RSS Module.  The rest of the data (<RSSTitle/><RSSLink/>) I could input that myself one-by-one in RSS module.Please allow for Photos of Article to somehow display by using RSS feeds, and posting...
thechosen 2016/09/14 04:31:05 0 0
The linkedin function is pretty useless at the moment because:1) Its not possible to CONNECT to other people (atm its only possible to follow them, but connecting to people is the most important thing on linkedin)2) Its not possible to CONFRIM other peoples SKILLS (this is important as well, because more confirmes skills will bring you more reputation)Please add this function asap....
goldenleap 2016/09/13 07:27:20 0 0
Please see below, my conversation from Support at FollowLiker  (www.followliker.com)From their website:  ...
thechosen 2016/09/12 09:16:29 0 0
Can you please implement an option to confirm all incomming friend requests?Thanks you
goldenleap 2016/09/09 12:04:48 0 0
For Instagram:1)   There should be a way to send a direct message (DM) to people following me by having a DM module with a Content field.2)  There should be a built-in scraper to gather either pictures, or users, and data could be saved to .txt / .csv3)  Also there should parameters to set to follow people with conditions (Filter) if they have fewer than "x" followings, or those who have...
goldenleap 2016/09/09 16:52:24 0 0
Ability to Follow users Followers or Followings on Instagram.Save
mahmoud 2016/08/31 03:05:54 0 0
can i suggest new option or function ...
goldenleap 2016/08/22 13:17:48 0 0
There is a software called Gramblr, (http://gramblr.com/uploader/#home) which allows to post photos and videos to Instagram, right from your desktop PC.  No need for a smart phone.  Could you integrate this into FollowingLike (API)?  Please let me know, that would be awesome.
goldenleap 2016/08/20 19:55:06 0 0
I would like a Group scraper/Group URL gatherer, then Inviter, then Join Groups.  There should be delay option for searching etc.(This is function already exists in FollowingLike). and RSS article feeds could also be posted into groups you are a apart of., or you could do a "Basic Content" field and add your own snippet wording.(Like TAP 4.0)...
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