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Aprilcaicai 2016/06/13 22:36:33 1 0
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nazuhl 2017/02/24 20:17:30 0 0
Hello, if I select multiple accounts to comment wth, it will only run one account at a time. Please check.
nazuhl 2017/02/24 19:39:00 0 0
Hello, I am entering text in spun format, but the program is writing the comments in spun format too. So if I enter {You're|You are} {right|correct} about that. into text field. It will write out {You're|You are} {right|correct} about that..Instead of writing 'You are right about that'
nazuhl 2017/02/24 18:11:45 0 0
Hello is there a function to invite user to collaborate on a board? So that they can post pins on my board?
nazuhl 2017/02/24 17:56:07 0 0
Hello, this function fails automatically....
nazuhl 2017/02/23 17:12:07 0 0
Hello. Currently there is a bug when checking pinterest accounts. Network errors every time. I have tried removing accounts and re-adding them. Not working. If I cannot check the accounts I cannot run them??? Please fix the bugs, getting very frustrating.
nazuhl 2017/02/16 13:50:39 0 0
Hello, right now I am clicking on 'post' module and nothing is happening. How to use it?Also, there are several software out there that will scrape pictures then post the picture with a modified source URL so that the traffic will be directed toward where we want it to go. Is this feature not possible with followinglike?
spainops 2017/02/18 08:24:58 0 0
Hello,Is it possible to get rid of all the Spam bot Instagram users by blocking them - if so how?Thanks
spainops 2017/02/18 08:23:15 0 0
Hello,I can't see any videos or documentation on how to use the Linkedin module. Help!I need training on everything it can do and how to do it. Not unreasonable?Si
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/13 19:02:56 0 0
1- when add friends , if the chat is open it , writting the nameis collapssing2- when the name is in english it is ok and added well , but if it is in arabic it does not ad or not shows the message telling me it is added...
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/15 14:34:31 0 0
when i press OK the window does not close and gives me that no account ... although i checked it ...
nazuhl 2017/02/05 23:25:59 0 0
Hello, I'm not sure how to diagnose why it is not checking accounts.I cannot add tasks without the accounts being checkedUsing Username: e-mail addressPW: My passwordProxy: IP:PortI don't know what else to do to fix it.
nazuhl 2017/02/13 22:45:36 0 0
Hello I am wondering if following like for pinterest can post to a group board? I see other people using software to do it.
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/13 20:54:25 0 0
i want while program wors there is a check box makes anyone send me a message on chat reply to them by message A , and if he replied by any message or any words i reply by message B , and if he replied by any thing for third time , i reply him by message C
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/13 18:49:14 0 0
when i add my friends to my groups , and when my friend is already a member it freeze on this screen and never press close ore move .... just freeze...
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