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WhiteHatBox 2016/03/20 15:01:32 2 0
WhiteHatBox 2016/05/02 04:21:03 2 0
Aprilcaicai 2016/06/13 22:36:33 1 0
Aprilcaicai 2016/06/14 02:10:52 1 0
rhzsh 2016/11/15 02:08:59 0 0
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xxbaryxx@gmail.com 2017/03/24 21:03:14 0 0
hey, like 20 posts its took more than 15 mineach module work separately iwant in the same post that its make like add comment and just after all the like module finish its start to comment can i mix the action to make its more effectivehow i make it faster the debug window is very slow
xxbaryxx@gmail.com 2017/03/24 02:03:04 0 0
how i can serch posts and like and comments to all the resultswhen itry to do this it just stop after the first post 
catchonnow 2017/03/23 16:19:25 0 0
Can you help me search more effective in followinglike. I run task and many time get 0 result in search function. Here is an example on instagram tasks. Show me how to input right type of key word. thanks
Genesisvh 2017/03/16 00:50:50 0 0
Can someone please contact me to help me with this issue. I made a task to to comment on photos and it keeps failing. 
Liquid 2017/03/19 02:59:28 0 0
I was able to successfully install and run Tweet Attack Pro 4 through Whitehatbox. However when I try to do the same for FollowingLike, I am able to install but not run it. It asks me to log in as admin. Is there any way to bypass this?
marcob 2017/03/04 09:02:00 0 0
Hello, I am trying to send FB msg to a list of users that I save in a txt file, but I am getting this error message requesting the captcha, after the programs types in the msg.Can  u please help me/editor/attached/file/20170304/20170304090154_4449.zip...
amega 2017/03/11 03:09:34 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:,  I bought this software long time ago, but I cannot make it working for months, each month  with new updates was hoping that something will change but nothing... still it cannot even starts  shows"---- has stopped working"
DarkLordLT 2017/02/04 11:43:28 0 0
Hello. I need your help. can you please guide me how to:Share a post from a facebook page to all the facebok groups which I have joined?
cloudleon 2017/03/04 19:49:24 0 0
Hi, im interested with your software, but before I purchase it, I want to know if this software could auto share multiple post from my own page to multiple group i join.
nazuhl 2017/02/24 20:17:30 0 0
Hello, if I select multiple accounts to comment wth, it will only run one account at a time. Please check.
nazuhl 2017/02/24 17:56:07 0 0
Hello, this function fails automatically....
hostelyaxha 2017/03/01 16:03:30 0 0
Hi,Is there a trial version available of the followinglike program?
nazuhl 2017/02/27 17:38:39 0 0
Hello I am looking for a sequence that can search a board's followers to like them, is that not available?
brandoncook 2016/12/30 12:26:23 0 0
Hello, I am trying to automate a direct message to my friends that will ask them to like my page. can you help me understand how this can be done? I also want to run it all the time and not send the message 2 times to the same user. so that when I friend new people, it will send them the message. Thank you for the help.
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