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socialmediam 2017/08/18 00:03:09 0 0
So I setup a Instagram account, with a search for following, & then a filter of those followers for accounts which haven't updated in 120 days? Or so I thought. The output gave me people who updated in the last few days. How to set it up to only show dead accounts? Here's my filter page:...
mjlampad 2017/08/11 19:48:31 0 0
I want to understand exactly what Run settings all about.it has 3 options;1. Run Now2. Run at the schedule Date3. Run at the Scheduled time per Day.option 1 and 2 are self explained. while option 3 my understanding was the user will set the time on what he wants the Task to be executed and it will run it daily. please correct me if I'm wrong.if my understanding is right with option 3,...
lfbraga 2017/08/04 00:49:08 0 0
Hello, how to post in facebook friend timelime ? Can anyone post an exempla step by step ?
lfbraga 2017/08/06 05:35:12 0 0
how can i send a message to a list of non friends ? My json to reviewmy json
didi101 2017/08/15 17:57:39 0 0
When I start a campaign with with 100 on the page shows with google analytics no trafficWhat's the mistakeIf I import proxies does not run the...
mjlampad 2017/08/12 17:48:33 0 0
I created several Task and tried export and import, this function is working well and its fine. My problem here is How can I export the task with its Run Setting either Run at the schedule date or Run at the Schedule time per Day.if the function exist, could anybody tell me how to do it. or if not available at the current version maybe the developer will include my request for the next version.this is very important because the computer need...
lewisr90 2017/08/14 07:52:21 0 0
 I have a setup whereby I have a list of URLS I want to send a message to. I want to send 20 per day everyday at 1pm.I have set all this up when the program runs through the module it deletes one row from the URLs then send the message.The problem is the program keeps running even when it has finished sending 20 urls and it deletes a URL from the row even after the 20...
lewisr90 2017/08/15 05:56:50 0 0
Does anyone have a few settings I can import to run on new facebook accounts to automatically start making the account look real?
lewisr90 2017/08/15 07:06:10 0 0
Is there a way to extract any profile website urls from their profiles?Thanks
mjlampad 2017/08/12 17:37:19 0 0
Hi to everyone,below are my issues;1. How can I upload Paragraph type of text? using the Text Module. I think there is no difference using One value per line and multiple value and importing txt file. 2. How to upload multiple pictures? using Photo module I tried to import 3 photos but when it upload, only the first picture is uploaded.3. How to post in multiple page?...
mjlampad 2017/08/11 18:05:01 0 0
I want to post a photo and tag some of my friends. am trying to find solution into this forum and found sample task of posting to friends timeline however the sample shows that it will post to all my friend's time which is not the case. thank you
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