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WhiteHatBox 2015/01/04 12:14:06 0 0
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tenstiks 2017/11/07 14:08:49 0 0
this program won't run
almarkhy 2017/10/09 15:27:34 1 0
How to change the account name from the email to my name now when I send it's appear to recipient as xx@xx.xx I want to make it appear as Xxxx   best regards
rwc481 2016/09/15 16:11:41 0 0
Does the scheduling feature allow for random scheduling of time passed between emails sent? For example, the bot would send the first email, wait 1 minute before sending the email to the second recipient, 10 minutes before sending to the third recipient, 3 minutes before sending to the fourth recipient, etc. so as to appear more like a human is writing and sending the emails.
WhiteHatBox 2014/12/30 02:32:34 0 0
Please wait more details...
joefree 2015/12/03 11:03:35 0 0
Support,Email Send Master Elite downloads but will not install. All antivirus is off.It's on my dedicated server running Windows 2008.I have other email programs and applications are running OK, I started the WhiteHatBox app as admin, still just hangs on the install part, but never finishes.Please help. joefreeI sent a support ticket. Came here hoping find a solution....
iamprezjay 2015/01/12 09:48:41 1 0
I upgraded but i did not get any information like my serial number or product details. This is a scam right?
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