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Shahrooz 2016/11/28 10:30:44 0 0
Hello,I've just installed the ContentBomb but Norton internet security blocked debug.exe during the installation process. It says its a Trojan.Why this happened? Is the program safe?...
jenrib 2016/09/12 21:46:17 0 0
I am confused how to proceed. I add google in online content. I set domain and filter to google and the keyword I want. Not sure why there is a search engine selection but I selected google.I search results, filter and save. Not sure why I need to do this and why i am saving articles this way. I save but dont see those articles also. This doesnt seem to help anything anyway.I then go to add and get a place to put source url. I use google.com. I hit...
ddon7650 2016/07/12 10:13:18 0 0
I try to use ContentBomb for submit content to my Blogger but when I select module PostBlogger.dat it ask for a password. Can you share a password for PostBlogger module or share a new one without password?Thanks 
zandzaula 2016/06/12 12:58:20 0 0
SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate - Content Bomb licence will not activate
debashish 2016/01/25 05:31:21 0 0
My requirement is, access application by PKI cardauthentication and application. How I can achieve this by creating bot. Not: For PKI card authentication, we are using card reader device.If authentication is success then application URL are get open.
Harvey Norman 2015/10/25 11:28:38 0 0
ContentBomb Special Version can't post content to blog? I got that error after clicking "create submit task".Your SpinnerChief page says "Scrape, Spin and Submit - ContentBomb Bonus!" ...
dwayneq 2015/10/17 11:58:43 0 0
Any update on Content Bomb Fix ?
vasko 2015/10/10 16:20:55 0 0
I purchased Spinnerchief 4 Ultimate and it comes with a limited version of Content Bomb but I have a problem with "Go to Forum and View Help" buttons. Wheniclick on any of those 2 nothing happens. And also in Spinner Chief when the first page pops up for thesaurus loading when I click on any of the tutorial videos the message box pups up saying either to copy the link or open with IE. I know it's not a WhiteHatBox error because I tried installing both of...
Harvey Norman 2015/08/27 23:36:57 0 0
1. I've followed the documentation of Content Bomb but I can't seem to get CB to post from google alerts to blogs.The documentation shows section by section but how to connect each section together to get it to work is not clear. We need some tutorial on this. 2. How to post to custom blogs using BotChief? There's no info in the documentation about this. Is this a functional feature at the moment?...
dwayneq 2015/08/07 13:49:07 1 0
Can you please send me the link (s) for ContentBomb Documentation ?  Thank you..
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