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WhiteHatBox 2014/02/17 08:54:14 1 0
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phooenix 2018/08/08 01:27:00 0 0
just wanna know if we can scrap youtube people mail ?
lewisr90 2017/09/02 00:10:46 0 0
I cannot get google search to work, only bing and yahoo.I type in keyword i want to use for email scrape for example sheffield @gmail.comWhen i run the program is finishes.Are there instructions?
WhiteHatBox 2014/04/15 04:09:11 2 0
1. Please download WhiteHatBox App software athttp://download.whitehatbox.com/whitehatboxsetup....
Stuart Marler 2018/01/23 19:05:10 0 0
Hi,Does this software scrape emails from LinkedIn?Thanks
jhutch717 2017/08/29 02:23:35 0 0
Hello,I am having a hard time running a successful task. Is there a tutorial video or article somewhere to view? I would love to learn how to use this product as I see it being a great tool. Thanks so much! 
Kaler-Alice 2017/05/09 11:01:59 0 0
I have problem on pay,because i am in China, is there any way that allow me to pay in RMB?
micromonkey 2017/03/10 04:10:18 0 0
1) can I have it scrape emails based on a list of domain?I want to paste in a large number of domains and have it export with domain name/email in csv, txt etcIs there a limit of domains I can have it check?  Where would this list be put--I have been trying to figure out with Demo.2) How does it "check emails" - is this checking for validity/verification - which would check if it could be delivered?  I'...
scott 2014/03/25 04:50:28 2 0
I attempted to scrape emails from a domain on which i can see emails. After following instructions as per your video 0 emails were scraped. Any advise would be appreciated. thaiselect.com/ewtadmin86_ditp/ewt/ditp_web/ditp_restaurant.php?id=3
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