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Traffic bot + Luminati

ReplyThanks 2019/05/17 23:41:24 0 0
Hello. I wonder. how connect traffic bot with luminati?
2019/05/20 17:49:57

Get your proxy from Luminati first, then add it to the Proxy function inside the software.

2019/05/27 10:57:12
Can you please provide better directions for this? I am running luminati locally when i enter it, it doesn't work, the only way i got it to work in V2 is using search and then searching for all the IPs, but that is stupid also, as luminati supports auto refresh per session we need better understanding for this.
2019/05/27 11:42:15

Signed up with my gmail for easier login, make sure you have SSL Analyzing off in luminati.io follow the setup instructions for whatever proxy you are using.

I run mine locally through their manager, then in proxy I just set 24000 in my case, and it auto generates through them each session.

2019/05/27 18:12:47
Any screenshot share to me how you use the luminati proxy in the software please? I will arrange our programmer to help you check it.
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