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Mail.ru Mail creator is NOT WORKING

ReplyThanks 2019/03/13 07:23:53 0 0

Im trying to createa new account but when i run the process, is not taken the number automatically, it seens to be missing the option of number country.

Please fix it as soon as possible.

Im thinking on refund, this is taking aweful, incomplete modules and less attention .

2019/03/13 18:14:47

So sorry for the inconvenience.

Any screenshot shares to us about what the error massage you get please? Let us help you check it. If here is no phone country available to choose, which means it will use the default phone country number to register.

2019/03/14 07:08:25
cannot get phone
2019/03/14 16:51:37

Did you enter your smspva account apikey to the software? Is there funds in your smspva account please?

Is your smspva account level normal please? You may contact your smspva support to know more. Some of our customers feedback to us that their smspva account level decreased, which caused our software fail to get the number to register.

Waiting for your news.

2019/03/16 06:38:38
Shure dude , i did!, the fact is that this software has not the option of choosing the country phone! fix that bug asap plis
2019/03/18 16:45:52

Software are using the default built country number. Could you please go to check if it works?

If there is still issue, you'd better share us the screenshot of the error message you get. Then we can know what happens.

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