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Problem with Recovery Mail

ReplyThanks 2019/02/22 12:14:16 0 0

Hello ad!!

I have an issue like that .

When i checking account, Normal , but some mail need to confirm by recoveryy mail or phone or something , but i cant find where to fill these recovery . so what can i do with these mail ?

2019/02/22 18:07:33

Sorry, TubeAssistPro does not have the confirm recovery email /phone function.

We will take this suggestion into consideration, please wait for the news.

2019/04/01 14:30:48

Good news.

Email verification function has been added and updated in the latest version of TubeAssistPro.

Here is how it works:

Enter your recovery email and password to following filed, then software will auto verify it during login if needed.

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