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How Do We Pick The Channel We Want??

ReplyThanks 2018/12/29 06:42:00 0 0

Hi there!

I have multiple channels on one email - everytime I put my login detail the tube assit tools just defaults ot the basic channel, but I want to use a different channel, so how do I choose what channel to use under the same email?

2018/12/29 13:42:55

You can only login in using your Youtube account but not channel information in this software. Software just check if your account is normal before running task. Don't worry about it.

What will you do with your channel account please? We can help you check it.

2018/12/31 22:44:39
No I meant I need to use another account under the same email I input for the software to login to and use.

Here's a link:


How do I switch the account so the software uses one of my other channels, and not the main one???

2019/01/03 18:39:03

I am sorry, here are only functions available for the login in account but not channel account in the software.

What operations will you do using the channel account please? I can talk this with the programmer and may add them for you in the future.

Waiting for your news.

Neil White
2019/01/04 23:40:58


Same issue, need to be able to select which channel to use. It not useful with just account.

2019/01/08 13:42:04

It is not an issue.

Channel accounts cannot be used to run the functions. But we are considering to add this function in the future, please wait for the news.

2019/01/10 01:16:16
lol it is definitely an issue. I don't want to grow my personal YT account... I want to grow my business ones.

Hope anyone who is thinking about buying knows this fact, it's a deal breaker and it's why I refunded.
2019/01/10 14:49:35

Our programmer is working on developing the functions with channel account to run. Please give us some time to do the update.

The one you mentioned is definitely 100% new function in this software. That is why our software cannot work. Could you please wait for the update?

Very thanks for your suggestion anyway.

2019/02/02 14:05:23

Good news guys.

Running task with channel account has been updated. Please check.

The one in circle is to ask if you need to use channel account to execute the operation. You can use the Text module to target the fixed channel account, or tick "Use All Channel" option to choose all of your channel accounts to execute the operation.

The one in rectangle is to ask if you need to show up the debug window during running. Please just one of them. The first one is to run the task with debug window enabled. The second one is to run the task with HTTP request. If task runs fails with the 2nd option, you can choose the first option to see what caused the fail.
Please note execute the operations with debug window enabled is necessary.

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