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Issues With Module

ReplyThanks 2018/11/11 11:46:35 0 0

I want to assign bot to extract Channels that has commented on Specific videos it has searched for.

So far I only see a way to search for a video and comment the Uploader. I want to directly message the people who have commented on selected videos. Thanks

EDIT: Got everything to work.

But does this bot only run one Task at a time, Such as Comment? Ive been unable to make a task where I comment on a video then subscribe to that same channel. But after It comments, It cant subscribe to the channel

2018/11/12 16:01:34

Can i know how you message these commenter manually on YouTube please? Please share the detailed information to us, we will help you check it.

You can run as many tasks as you need at one time. In Settings, edit the thread, then it will do what you set.

Task running thread: the number of tasks will run at the same time.

Module running thread: the number of debug window it will open at the same time.

How did you set the task? You can export your task, then send it to us. We will help you check it.

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