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How get more view with the bot

ReplyThanks 2018/11/08 09:36:37 0 0

Many people want to know how get more view with AOstream today I will give you a method and what do you need for.

1- first your vps you should have a vps me I use a 30gb

I paid here actually I use 30Gb ram if you can pay more it’s also good

Because the bot use a lot of ram for run


2-I pay proxy here


For account I don’t know if someone have information can share

Let’s start now

Forget rules like Spotify account can not play more than 400 plays

You have only one rule if you want to play music

Your cycle must to be 60s play max and min also 60

Cycle min max also 60s

Don’t put 55s or 50s the minimum is 60s

Now the problem with the bot if ADMIN CAN REPAIR the bot is very bot but make a lot of error that why you can use 10.000 account but only 20 or 30 will continue to play

So for corrige this by yourself BATCH REPEAT put 50

That means after 50 play close it and repeat open again

For reduce error.

Also use the new method for proxy

And there is one option in schedule put after 3 hours

The bot have to close and open again.

All this precaution are for reduce max of error

Now the last point you can not put 20 thread if you have 20 accounts

This is your error if you procede like that

That means when the limit of views will come

Your bot will stop to play too.

If you have 20 accounts use maybe 7 thread

If you have 30 use 14 thread

After all the first account will be use the bot will choose

The second part of your account.

With this method I succes to get 10k by day because I don’t have a lot of accounts

Thank you and share information about accounts

I also want to create a WhatsApp group leave your number inbox for more efficiency

2018/11/08 18:33:06

Thanks for sharing your experience here about AIOSTREAM @Gnambadomi welcome

But please do not share any other information which are not related to our software, else we will remove it, please understand. We are welcome you to share your experience about our software here, and to help others to get better experience.

This board are only used to help users about our software.

2018/11/10 02:18:17
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