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Christos Mavridis

Support with setup

ReplyThanks 2018/10/24 08:29:04 0 0
Hello everyone,I am very new to this.I have an iMac pro 14cores, 64GB ram, 8GB you with 1Gb/s download and upload speed from my internet provider and I have installed Windows 10 pro on it.I would like to know how to:1) Collect Spotify accounts2) A place to purchase good proxies3) Hire someone experienced/familiar with the AIO to help me set it up for me one time and show me around the system and how to use itThank you in advance,Chris
2018/10/24 10:59:28

1, sorry, we do not sell accounts, but you can buy it from others. AIOSTREAM can only help you manage accounts, and get stream for your track, playlist...

2, AIOSTREAM supports HTTP proxy, luminati. You can buy HTTP proxy from this website: http://www.squidproxies.com/ You can buy proxy from other websites too, but please remember to only buy HTTP proxy.

3, We can help you setup task to run if you already bought AIOSTREAM. You can tell us what task you need, we will try our best to help you setup it based on your needs. Also here is a simple manual for this software, you can have a look, probably it will be helpful to you.


Waiting for your news.

Christos Mavridis
2018/10/24 16:24:06
Fantastic! Thank you so much for the reply!1) If you can share the way or a software that can help me Collect Spotify accounts it will be great! Any hint to start from somewhere will be greatly! appreciated! Also these Spotify accounts are fake or they have normal activity and listening to other songs too?2) how many proxies would you recommend to get if I want to achieve a large number of streams per day? I also heard Spotify goes and scans every now and then artists accounts and if they find fake streams they remove these artists from Spotify. Is that true? If so what would be the safest numbers?3) thank you so much for the help! Yes I purchased the lifetime Spotify package. So when I sort out the number 1 and 2 I will contact you for some initial help!Looking forward to your reply,Chris
2018/10/24 17:35:06

1, Here is one software PVACreator which has the Spotify account creation version. But it needs real email address to register, then this account can be verified. We haven't listed this software on PVACreator sale page, but if you need, we can sell it to you alone.

2, one proxy for one account will be the best. But if you do not have enough money to buy proxy, one proxy for 2-3 accounts will be ok too. And make sure the stream from each account won't be more than 400 per day. Else Spotify will detect your account as abnormal. So if you want to get a large number of streams, then you'd better get more accounts to run. Sorry, i only know that Spotify will remove the fake streams. I do not know if it will remove the artist.

3, ok, any problem for this software, please contact us.

Christos Mavridis_IFTwC
2018/11/01 07:08:23
Hello again!After doing some research I came up with my decision1) if you can let me know ow how much would be the Spotify version for PVACreator and if I can get a discount since I am your customer already! Like the current discount you have for $47?2) then I better purchase a few proxies. To test them, if all good then maybe I can increase the proxies amount each month! But I want to play as safe as possible!3) I did not yet installed and registered the software as I am still looking how to set it up to work correctly. Soon this I would like maybe some personal time to hire you or anyone else who can speak d some time with me setting up the software with me.Please let me know ow!Chris
2018/11/01 18:40:34

1, do you have Skype? you can add our skype whitehatbox. let's contact each other for further discussion. I need to know what functions you need for Spotify account creator.

2, then you'd better bind different proxies for each account.

3, you can contact us if there is problem to setup the task. We will help you solve it soon/

2018/11/02 22:34:07

Ok! I added you! My skype is SirBlack1988

See you there!

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