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Importing massive account list

ReplyThanks 2018/10/19 03:51:11 0 0


I want to sign up for your software. I have a CSV file currently with 10,000 Spotify accounts. I am using 10 proxies with these accounts.

Is it easy to import these 10,000 accounts to your platform?

I saw in another post that you recommended 1 account per 1 proxy. That's crazy. That would cost me $15,000 per month to run 10,000 accounts.

2018/10/19 06:50:44

Be careful with that many accounts. Spotify will notice if they have unusual activity such as streaming the same songs or linked to the same payment method.

It is recommended to use 1 proxy/account because again Spotify will notice. Has happened before!

2018/10/19 06:51:31
Also, Make sure not to stream like 400 songs a day per each account. Must act very human or else they'll know.
2018/10/19 08:34:40

Each account only plays a specific song 10-20 times in a day.

I've been told that 1000 free accounts for every 1 proxy is ok.

@cityslicker - How many streams per day are you doing off of 1 proxy?

2018/10/19 18:54:25

@cityslicker thanks for your help. You are right, our recommend setting is 1 proxy for 1 account, which can keep your account secure. Appreciate if you can share more experience to our customers.

@jonathon you'd better take our suggestion if you want to keep your account secure.

2018/10/19 21:28:26

Can you let me know then with 10 proxies and 10 accounts how many plays per 24 hours your service would provide?

2018/10/19 22:21:03
It depends on the settings that you put, how many task you will be runing at the same time and the proxy's, if the proxy's are free, maybe you will have a speed problem or the proxy 10 minutes later will not work
that's my problem too, i have a lot of accounts but my computer it's not that good to run a lot of task at the same time and my free proxy's doesn't last me
2018/10/19 22:25:36

I'm using paid private proxies on a VPS with 16 GB RAM.

Can you give some sort of estimate what to expect in terms of plays? What are you able to do with your current setup?

2018/10/20 00:46:44
i'm not a pro in AIO But i paid for 100 Proxy's and i get like 1k views on spotify (per night, like 8 or 10 hours) runing 10 threads 35-60 seconds each play, my setup is intel core i5 7300HQ 2.50GHz with 8gb ram ddr4 and i can barely play 13 threads at the same time, i don't know how can i optimize the AIO to get more threads
2018/10/20 02:14:17

100 proxies? Isn't that costing you over $100 per month ? 1K views per day is too low... I'm doing it a different way right now and am able to get 20K streams per 24 hours on 10 Private Proxies... problem is the tools are unstable and go down too often.. thats why I was looking in to AIO for stability.

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