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i have question for spotify users!

ReplyThanks 2018/10/10 09:19:01 0 0

hello everyone,

i have a question about how spotify count streams/plays.

if 1 account repeat same song all day, does spotify count only 1 stream ? since its a unique user who listen and repeat the song all the day...or does it count multiple streams and doesnt matter if its same account with same proxy who repeat the song..?

I hope u get my question... thanks.

2018/10/10 12:09:36
yes, every play counts after the 30-35 seconds but i do not recommend doing that because spotify will detect you as a bot it's not normal playing the same song over and over again all day long
2018/10/10 15:20:39

Thanks for your suggestion @biagioscollo if you could give us more suggestions about the play, that would be better. Thank you in advance.

@alpha007 please do not play the same song using the same account all day. You can stop running this account for some days.

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