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How to automate SoundCloud likes & follows?

ReplyThanks 2018/09/27 03:33:56 0 0

Hi, I was looking to automate my SoundCloud likes and follows.

I'd like my one account (only want to use one) to automatically follow and like songs that are posted under certain tags.

How can I achieve this?

2018/09/27 13:40:42

Any detailed information share to us about how you follow and like the certain tags? you can record a simple video to show us what you need.

We will help you check it and give you the detailed information.

Waiting for your news.

2018/09/28 07:12:28
I want to use a set of hashtags (for example #hiphop and #beats), search for the most recently posted tracks in those hashtags, and like and follow the posting user. This is similar to how instagram automation works.
2018/09/28 11:22:57

Very thanks for your reply.

This function actually is exist. But currently you only can setup the search, like, follow separately. That means you need to create a search task first, after finished running, then create a like/follow task to run with these searched out data.

We will consider to add all to be one function. You can wait for the update. Or will you consider to customize this function?

2018/09/28 17:31:54
Adding it as one function would be awesome! I'll make my own for now though :) Do I need to do anything special to make sure my tasks don't run too often/alert SoundCloud to the automation? Do I need to limit them at all?
2018/09/28 17:59:35

Yes, you'd better set a limitation for your account in AccountManagement. Which can keep your account secure.

Did you want to develop it alone or wait for the update?

2018/09/29 04:47:20
I can develop it alone :) Do you know what limit I should set?
2018/09/29 16:28:30


Sorry, here is no standard limit settings. You can edit it based on your needs.

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