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Hilly Lake

Regarding TubeAssistPro

ReplyThanks 2018/09/25 05:27:16 0 0


I am new here.

I would like to buy TubeAssistPro Unlimited Account with Unlimited version.

1) In how many computers can login at a same time with this version ?

2) If I have good internet network and computer, how many approx youtube subscription can do in a day with this version ?

3) What about the proxy login ? Do I need to buy differently Or this s/w comes with proxy features ?

4) I need to subscribe youtube channels from different IPs. Does this s/w is for that purpose ?

If yes, I will buy immediately.


2018/09/25 18:14:33

1, the license can be used on max 2 computers at a time. If you want to use it on more computers, you can buy more licenses, we will give you a better discount.

2, you can create a subscribe task to run all the time. Then it can subscribe more channels as you need. Sorry i cannot give you an accurate answer. Because here are many other requirements to affect it.

3, Please buy HTTP proxy. The proxy format can be: ip:port or ip:port:username:password

4, just bind different proxies to different accounts, then the ip will be different for each subscribe.

Hilly Lake
2018/09/25 22:16:00
Thanks @Aprilcaicai for your reply. I am going to buy this. Just 2 questions before buy:

1) I have 500 proxies in stock. If I buy tubeassist pro unlimited, then I can create unlimited account. Could you please let me know how many tubeassist pro accounts needed to use these all 500 ips at a same time to view/subscribe/comment channels. How does this scenario works in your software.

2) What is the difference between tubeassist pro VS PVA Creator youtube version ?

2018/09/26 14:37:02

1, No, you cannot create account with TubeAssistPro. TubeAssistPro is used to manage your YouTube accounts. When the task starts to run, then you can see the whole running process in a window.

2, PVACreator YouTube version can help you create as many accounts you need with different proxies. But this software can only create accounts.

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