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Brazilian Portuguese

ReplyThanks 2018/09/23 05:23:18 1 1

Does videotweeter create videos with BR-PT voice from script?

Also, does the software really work without babysitting every half an hour? Because I had experience with other software that is not usable because it stops all the time to work.

2018/09/25 18:51:23
Any sample script shares to us please? Let us help you check it.
2018/09/26 02:39:20
Olá Vi que você está divulgando no Instagram. Podemos te ajudar a se tornar mais influente aqui. Usamos a mesma técnica usada na conta @amoflorianopolis que hoje tem mais de 114 mil seguidores. Conseguimos direcionar muito bem para qualquer segmento de mercado e localiza??o Caso tenha interesse, entre em contato. ótimo dia! ????
2018/09/26 18:02:38

Sorry for the late reply.

You can define the voice you need. Check this post to know more detailed information:


Any problem for this software, please let us know.

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