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Is "Playlist Loop" Working?

ReplyThanks 2018/09/20 23:21:34 0 0

Hey there,

I finally got the Spotify verification to go through with the update, thanks for the help with all that!

Now, I believe I set up everything right according to your videos, I'm running a test with 1 Spotify account and 1 playlist. I ran the "Playlist Loop" function on it, but not sure if it's actually working.

I want the account to just loop through the playlist, and I set it to listen to each song for 34 seconds. Was wondering if you could take a look at these screenshots and let me know if I've set it up correctly to do that?

Thanks for the help!

2018/09/21 00:15:21


I checked the statistics for what I ran yesterday, and it says it succesfully played through the playlist once (screenshot attached below). I'm now wondering what the best way to play through a playlist multiple times -- or what's the largest amount of plays 1 account can technically do?

Let me know and thanks!

2018/09/21 17:18:42
Sorry for the late reply. Please use the newest playlist loop function. Its name is "PlayPlaylist loop v201809"

Follow this screenshot to setup the play time:

You can check this post to know more detailed information too:


2018/09/22 02:06:25

Great, thanks for the help!

Does this function allow you to loop through 1 playlist indefinitely with 1 account?

2018/09/22 16:56:24


It will take all of the selected accounts to run in this task.

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