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Help Setting up optimal amazonchief

ReplyThanks 2018/09/20 22:46:37 0 0

Since there is no documentation on how to set it up properly, I′m willing to pay someone for help to set it up. Contact me on skype: budhaswe


2018/09/21 16:45:16

Hey, here are some tutorials about how to use this software. Here you go:


What task did you need please? We can guide you step by step.

Waiting for your news.

2018/09/26 19:21:23

Hi guys,

Some questions

1. Regarding proxies and user. How often should we change proxies after 1 user action? Also, should i create new users and bind a new proxy for every run i make for example if i want the bot to search for keyword and add to cart ?

What is best practice? How much traffic should be sent?

I′m trying to figure out if i need 100 rotaing proxies daily or if i can use the same proxies every day?

2. Tasks.

What is best practice when setting what the bot does? How to best set up Operations (Scroll, ad to cart and so on)


2018/09/27 16:05:26

1, If the proxy are bind to your account, then you'd better use the certain proxy all the time. If you changed your account proxy, probably Amazon will notify you that this account login is abnormal.

You'd better use different proxies for each account.

2, totally depends on what task you need, then we can suggest you a better settings and how to setup it.

Joe Smith
2018/10/10 16:11:31

Can you guys provide proxies also?

What happens if Amazon blocks my account? Any cases happened like that till now?

2018/10/11 18:33:25

Sorry, we do not sell proxy. But if you need, we can recommend a proxy website to you. Here you go: http://www.squidproxies.com/ you can buy proxy to run from other website too. Please buy HTTP proxy.

Usually if you do not run this account too fast, and if you use the same proxy to run it. Amazon won't block it.

If your account is blocked by Amazon, then it will fail to run task.

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