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How to click inner page with Custom option.

ReplyThanks 2018/09/12 10:57:07 0 0

Here is an example:

1.Add a Load Url module, save the settings.

2.Add a Control Operate module, use Select Control option to select the item you want to click, then you can click Verify Selections option to confirm if you selected successfully, if success, then the border will become green.

3.Click Save button to save the settings, then you can test run the settings (right click the Control Operation):

bodbell bodbell
2018/10/19 17:15:52
How to scroll the page after the click?
2018/10/19 18:50:51

In Custom Operate command, you can use the Mouse Emulation module to do the scroll operation.

2018/10/24 04:00:48


do I have this in my TrafficBotPro Search Engine Version?

please let me know or should I update to what version.

2018/10/24 11:02:01

Sorry, this function is only available in the full version of TrafficBotPro.

Will you consider to upgrade your current version to full version please? What is your version right now?

Waiting for your news.

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