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How can I use Traffic Bot Pro with Luminati

ReplyThanks 2018/09/07 14:55:09 0 0

I purchased Traffic Bot Pro in few day later.
I would like to use Traffic Bot Pro for increase ranking my sites in Thai Language.
Luminati have many Thailand proxy and I would like to use that for Traffic Bot Pro.

How can I setting Luminati for Traffic Bot Pro?


2018/09/07 18:41:48

Sorry for the late reply.

Did you contact the support of Luminati ? We will contact them to know how to use this one. Please wait for the news.

I am sorry, we are using the 3rd party vpn service in our software.

2018/09/07 20:47:22
Thank you for you replay

Can you recommend a source to find lots of Thai IP or VPN service that have many Thai IP?

2018/09/10 14:54:26

So sorry for the inconvenience.

We do not sell proxy, so we do not know which proxy website supports Thai IP.

2018/09/12 18:43:46

Sorry for the late reply.

I contacted the support of Luminati, he suggested you contact you account manager for assistance.

Let me know if it still cannot be solved.

2018/10/24 12:20:52
Hello, you used to give support to generate a random String in ip proxy format. Why did they remove this feature?

host: port: username: password

In the old days
host: port: username- {random}: password

Where {random} replaces an auto-generated string. This is extremely necessary to use the Luminati Proxy API with your software.

This is no longer working. I look forward to returning and thank you in advance.
2018/10/24 13:29:07

Sorry, are you using this format of luminati? it should work.

The luminati format is:


Waiting for your news.

2018/10/25 19:53:55
Thanks, now it's working.
It was not {random} and yes {session}

But I would like to ask about Debug Multi Thread with the ad click.
There are 2 problems:
1) The click does not work when it is set to "Ad Click"
Ps (1): I'm using 1 Debug Thread only

2) When the Debug Thread is set to a number greater than 1: (example: 2) and is set to perform "Ad Click" Click does not happen the campaign never ends, it stays in 1 Loop initialized in: "Waiting for Click" and after 2 hours (literally) the campaign set to have 5 views does not end.
Ps (2): I'm using 2 Debug Thread

2018/10/26 15:16:49

Ok thanks for letting us know.

1, re start to run TrafficBotPro to get the newest version v1.6.3 then use the useragent we suggested in your task, also uncheck the system useragent option, then check if ads click works.

The useragent we suggested is:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:56.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/56.0

2, try to update it to the newest version to check if the same error will happen.

2018/11/26 16:59:47
Hi, can you tell me if Luminati generates diferent ip in a compaign? Thanks
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