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Spotify Play Album loop Task skip funktion with BUGS

ReplyThanks 2018/08/16 09:41:31 0 0

Im trying to use the Play Album loop on Spotify Task.

Everything works good, but after the skipping, at clicks on the play button again, and then it stops.

it dont need to click on the play button after the first time when it starts to play the album.

can you fix this task?

the goal has to be

Open Album Link --- Click Play --- count Playtime for example 45-60 seconds --- click SKIP button ---

count again Play time and click SKIP button--- and so on, till the total play time is over as i have set on Task settings, then closes and opens new Album link and start from beginnin.

2018/08/16 16:40:14

So sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you please add our Skype whitehatbox.

I will arrange our programmer to help you check it via remote control directly.

Waiting for your news.

2018/08/19 12:48:37

im using "Pay Album Loop" Tab

with these Settings

and i made a video

you can watch here

what i mean wiht clicking on play after clicked on skip button, it messes the bot.

can you dele this funktion to click on play every time after clicked on skip button.

Video: https://streamable.com/n7o7x


2018/08/20 11:15:30
Let me talk this with the programmer. Please wait for the news.
2018/08/20 11:37:13

Try to edit the cycle pause time to be longer, then have a try again.

Eg: 5s for cycle pause min and cycle pause max.

Waiting for your news.

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