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ONLY 18 play in Four HOURS , its very strange i dont understand ?

ReplyThanks 2018/08/10 13:24:50 0 0

BOnjour j'ai plus ou moins réussi a faire marcher ce logiciel , je ne sais pas comment jy suis arriver en fait , et quand je regarde les statistiques il me dit que seulement 18 vues on était enregistrer pour ce temps , c'est normal pour une chanson de 3 minutes avec 10 lecteurs en marche ?

I have more or less managed to run this software, I do not know how I get there in fact, and when I look at statistics it tells me that only 18 views were recorded for this time, it is normal for a 3 minute song with 10 players on the move?

Here the video


2018/08/10 16:42:30

Did you keep the task running all the time?

How many accounts do you have please?

2018/08/11 06:39:56
Lol. I just saw your video. Just make a playlist with the tracks and use the playlist template option. It will only count how many times the complete playlist plays and not the song track plays. Oh, and it does skip.
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