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Spotify problem

ReplyThanks 2018/07/25 06:41:36 0 0
I did a task with the template 'Play album - play once' when I run it opens the browser and stays in the login screen of spotify and close the screen, I used manual and automatic verification and none works, after a few seconds the following message appears. 'the task has been finished'
2018/07/25 11:14:35

Did you verify your account in AccountManagement please before run the task?

2018/07/29 14:38:17
I am having this same issue and I did verify the account first. Please help
2018/07/30 11:12:39


After you verified your account successfully, then in DataSource Management tab, right click account and data cache file separately, then clear them cache, then go back to check if the task can run well.

Let us know if it works well.

Waiting for your news.

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