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Demo Video?

ReplyThanks 2018/07/23 20:39:08 0 0


Is there a demo or tutorial video for this product?

It is necessary to be able to see the functionality and features of the software before having the opportunity to purchase. Otherwise a free demo would be required to explore it.

I am mostly interested in being able to have many accounts with proxies, and using them to comment on certain videos by URL.

Please let me know what is possible. Thanks

2018/07/24 10:32:03


Visit this link to find its related tutorial please:


Yes, you can watch above tutorial to know how is the software running. Or visit the sale page to know what functions it have.


I am sorry, there is no free version for TubeAssistPro. But you can use the $7 for 3 days trial version. Check the sale page to know each version.

TubeAssistPro can do what you are talking about.

2018/07/24 16:13:34

Thank you.

I am more than happy to pay for a 3 day trial, however, does it have to be attached to the yearly plan? If I like the software then I will happily buy it outright. Otherwise it is a bit dodgy to lure people in to paying more by charging more in order to have the freedom of a demo. Is there any cancellation opportunity with the yearly plan, in the event that I do not like the software, or if I instead want to buy it outright?

What about refund policy for the software if buying it outright? What is the warranty period for refund if decided that the software does not meet expectations.


2018/07/25 11:31:17

Yes you can cancel your subscription if you are not satisfied with this software after 3 days trial is over.

If you are paying it via PayPal, then please contact Paypal to know where to cancel the subscription.

If you are paying it via credit card, you can cancel it in our platform directly by your own. Check this screenshot:

We will send the refund only when the software cannot work as its promised and we cannot help you.

2018/08/22 17:38:43


Where can I find the demo purchase copy for this?

I can't see any link for it anymore. I'd like to try it out.

Thank you.

2018/08/22 18:11:15

Here is $7 for 3 days trail:

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