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Spotify Playlist Plays Task

ReplyThanks 2018/07/16 12:25:01 0 0


i only need a tast, that i can enter a playlist, with for example 300 Songs, and the bot will login with an account, start to play the playlist from track 1 to 300 and for example after 60 seconds it skips the song to the next song, and the after 60 seconds skips again to the next song in the playlist, and when it reached to the last song, it logs out and uses the next account and stat again the playlist from the first song till the last song.

does anyone got allrrady this taks ?

can someone help me ?

2018/07/16 18:01:24

Sorry, there does not have such a playlist function which can do what you asked. We will take your suggestion into consideration. Please wait for the news.

But if you want to play all songs from the playlist, you can create a loop play track task.

Follow this simple manual to create a loop play track task.


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