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debug makes spotify bot freeze

ReplyThanks 2018/07/02 01:44:18 0 0
ok I have been using the aiostream bot and I have everything set up and working correct the only issue I am having is on the spotify part of the bot and when running the plays increaser the bot seems to work for a few loops then freezes due to the debug box poping up while the increaser is running. after one debug pops up then shortly after another one pops up and then another and this causes the increaser to stop adding plays because of the freeze from the debug box. I tried turning off the debox box in the setting but problem still occurs can admin please fix this issue and update the bot please
2018/07/02 02:21:03
ok I have been testing it again and I see the debug issue happens when I choose multiple threads if I use one thread the bot runs perfect, but can you guys fix it so the debug doesn't pop up while using multiple threads the more threads I use the more plays I can get so it would be nice if you guys can fix the issue with the debug coming up and freezes after multiple threads are used
2018/07/02 15:32:56

Thanks for reporting this to us.

How many threads did you set please?

The thread number is related to the configuration of your computer. If your computer cannot support too many browsers at a time, you'd better edit the thread number to be smaller.

Also, is your cpu full when many debug windows open at a time?

Btw, we will go to test it in our side too.

Waiting for your news.

2018/07/03 04:32:52
at first i was setting 5 threads then i tried one thread and the debug issue still comes. There is also a issue with the captcha system i set up my api key for 2captcha and every time captcha come up it doesnt get solved. These things need to be fixed in order for it to be a good tool otherwise it worthless. And also there should be a option for accounts to be saved in the bot everytime i restart the bot i have to verify accounts and load them through txt file there is too many issues with the bot that really needs to be fixed. I like the idea of creating this software, however theres a ton of issues that needs to be fixed for it to be a good software
2018/07/03 17:13:44

Thanks for the reply.

is the cpu full when many debug windows open at a time? We will go to check it in our side too.

Is there funds in your 2captcha account please? I will inform our programmer to test it.

I am sorry, what did you mean reload the accounts from text? The upload accounts should be here always. Could you please give us more detailed information about this one?

Waiting for your news.

2018/07/04 14:31:49

Got the news from the programmer, here is the reply:

1, is there any screenshot to show us how the debug window get stuck?

2, we test the 2captcha service in our side, it works. 2captcha service needs to take a while to auto deal with the captcha, at this moment, please just wait minute. Btw, did you enter your 2captcha key?

Waiting for your news.

2018/07/04 16:21:44
j'ai le même problème maintenant avec spotify
2018/07/04 17:47:36


Which problem did you meet please? Let me help you check it.

Do you have Skype? We can help you check it via remote control directly.

2018/07/05 00:47:42
I use it very little put yes I skype otherwise
2018/07/05 11:11:04

What is your Skype id please?

Could you please send a friend request to our Skype whitehatbox?

Let's help you check and solve it soon.

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