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Plays not registering Spotify and Soundcloud

ReplyThanks 2018/06/23 23:53:11 0 0
I been running campaigns for the last 4 days. No plays on Spotify is registering. Some resgistering on Soundcloud but should be more. The statistics shows Spotify got 10k plays but still says less than 1k on Spotify itself. Im trying to rank on both. I have all plays and proxies coming from USA. Do the plays have to be retention plays for it to register on Spotify and rank on Soundcloud? Because now I only have it set for 10-30 seconds for plays. Thanks!
2018/06/25 10:55:05

Are you using different accounts or proxies to run your task please?

How will spotify and soundcloud count the plays please? Did you have any experience for it?

Some of our customers say if you play it around 30s, then it will count the plays. Probably this one is helpful to you.

Waiting for your news.

2018/06/26 09:01:33

Spotify will only count a play after 30 seconds of a user playing the song. SoundCloud will also pick up on the low retention plays and will stop counting them.

If you are trying to rank on SoundCloud make sure you use A LOT of accounts. Playing a song with 100 accounts 1,000 times in a run of a few days will not help you rank. Also, the song has to be a new upload on SoundCloud for the ranking system.

2018/06/26 12:18:15


Thanks for the help.

Did you have any idea about when soundcloud will count the plays please?

2018/06/28 18:27:36
Some countries only count a limited number of streams. So although you may have racked up 10000 plays, yynoy all will count. For example, the uk only count 10 streams per account.
2018/06/29 14:30:14

Very thanks for sharing this to us, it impresses us.

So sum up, the streams is related to the country and the account?

Country means where the song is from? Or where the account is registered? Thanks for your help in advance.

2018/07/03 08:26:51
Country where the account is registered from. From what I know, a US account can stream all day and all those streams will count.
2018/07/03 10:53:25
Oh that information will be helpful to us. Very thanks for sharing us your experience.
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