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soundcloud does not activate tasks

ReplyThanks 2018/06/22 05:04:47 0 0
I'm having some problems with the tasks, I'm not getting any:

Apparently the account is connecting

but when i created "FOLLOW PEOPLES" or "LIKE TRACKS" tasks and add a profile to follow and when puch play, the log shows only "BEING VERIFIED" and does not leave it,

At another time, even deleting and creating new tasks, "The task has been finished" appears when I press play

2018/06/22 10:57:06

Thanks for reporting this to us.

We will go to check it in our side, please wait for the news.

2018/07/04 14:53:37

Sorry for the late reply.

We already fixed and updated this one in the new version of AIOSTREAM. Please go to check it.

2018/07/05 04:37:19
I tested and it still does not work.I create a task using the template > I insert a profile as a reference > I choose a account > Save > I finish the task > Play the task > "the task has been finished"
2018/07/05 11:15:04
Let me test it in my side. Moment please
2018/07/05 13:44:08

Sorry for the late reply.

You are right, seems there is till problem for it. I already informed the programmer to check and fix it again.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

2018/07/07 14:28:38
I am havin the same problem, it says "The task has been finished". I can do nothing, i just bought the program when is fixed the problem?
2018/07/07 15:33:17

Sorry, i will urge the programmer to fix and update it soon.

2018/07/09 10:58:53

We tested the follow people function again in our side, and it works.

Please clear the cache of the account and data, then re check if the follow task can work.

Btw, the newest version of AIOSTREAM is v 2.8.2

Please let me know if it works after updated.

2018/07/14 07:25:55

I already clear the cache, create another ones but still have "The task has been finished" i don't know if i'm setting correctly

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