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How to Click Page Adsense Using TrafficBotPro

ReplyThanks 2018/06/05 14:12:17 0 0

Here are the simple steps to configure the task to click the ads in the website.

1. enter iframe in Tag.

2. click Verify Selection button to check how many ads it can find. Software will show you how many ads it found. See the below screenshot, it already found 3 ads in this website.

3. choose a number from Item Index drop down list to find the related ads you need. The ads will be circled with green in website if software found it.

2018/06/15 10:50:14
I tried your iframe method but when I ran the campaign 10 times only 2 of the times it clicked on Adsense. The other 8 times it NEVER clicked on the ad. Your bot effective rate is only 20% or less. Please ask your program to fix the bot so it always able to click on ad every time I run it.
2018/06/15 11:03:42

Is there any error notification please when you found that it does not click the ads?

How do you know it does not click the ads?

Are you running your task with different proxies?

How did you setup your task please?

Waiting for your news.

2018/06/15 11:07:13

It simply does not clicked on the ad. There are no error message. I know because I watched the Debug windows. Only about 2 of the times it clicked on the ad.

I didn't even use proxy. I send the traffics directly to the site without even searching on Google.

Your bot has so many issues. It simple does not worked.

2018/06/15 11:11:52

Don't worry, if there is really problem for it, we will help you solve it.

Could you please tell us what your website link is?

Where is the ads you want to click in your website please?

We will test it for you in our side.

Waiting for your news.

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