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Issues with track streaming on spotify

ReplyThanks 2018/05/22 08:05:17 0 0

Hello guys,

I Have sat for hrs now trying to set this up and can't find any help or videos of anything related to spotify streaming and how to set it up?

That's all i wish to use it for so if anyone could give me some instructions it would be greatly appreciated :)

2018/05/22 10:43:20
Let me check it for you first, moment please
2018/05/23 13:59:39

Having the same issues.... any updates here?

2018/05/23 14:43:07
2 # Aprilcaicai 2018/5/22 10:43:20
Let me check it for you first, moment please
Any solution?
2018/05/23 14:51:18

So sorry for the late reply.

Which song did you need to play please? Could you please send us your song link? We will go to check it for you.

Waiting for your news.

2018/05/24 06:07:49

All songs are not streaming...

Can you please verify what format links should be posted as for spotify...

2018/05/24 11:16:06

The link is the same as the one in your browser.

Could you please send me one of your links? Let me check and test it for you.

Waiting for your news.

2018/05/24 22:51:12


Just some known information on Spotify.

  • Stats are displayed within 48 hours
  • If the song has less than 1,000 plays, the plays will display <1,000 plays - you will need more than 1,000 plays to show the amount
  • If you are an artist and you upload your music, you can download the "Spotify For Artist" app and if you uploaded your track within 7 days it will display real-time plays. Again it is only for the first 7 days when the track is uploaded.

I am not having any issues on streams at this point on my side.


2018/05/25 16:58:52

Very thanks for sharing us this information.

Is there anything i can do for you please?

Btw, is there any screenshot to show us the plays amount please? Thank you in advance

2018/06/20 21:58:55
I have a problem with AIOSTREAM software because when trying to check an account it can not pass the captcha while on a normal page of google chrome my anti-captcha works well?

I tried to put my accounts in manual and it seems to have worked but nothing appears in my statistics.

Could you help me solve this problem?

Thank you in advance for your answer
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