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ReplyThanks 2018/05/11 09:36:20 0 0

i might be interested in buying your product. I've been a loyal customer and brought the tube assist and the follow thing for Instagram even though I only use the tube assist since follow thing wasn't really helpful lol... But my question for this AIOStream is that will it allow me to send messages and comments on peoples profiles? I know the soundcloud site might think you are spamming when you send messages/comments at a time. Also, will you have more videos of you using this product because the video I watched just had you guys play a song from the soundcloud on the software. I'm not interested in that, but how is this product suppose to get your music out? I wouldn't want fake plays if that's what this product offers, I rather reach potential fans.

PS: This my soundcloud right here lol.. https://soundcloud.com/liled115/baby-mama

2018/05/11 18:17:23

Thanks for the suggestion.

Did you want add these functions to soudcloud please? Send message and comment on profile are a new function in AIOStream. i already added it to our work list, if our programmers can add it in the future, they will release the update ASAP. Please wait for the news.

We are keeping working on creating tutorials for this program. Please follow our youtube accounts to get the latest news.


What did you mean get music out please?

Waiting for your news.

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