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vu van tan

I have some questions to decide whether to use your software or not.

ReplyThanks 2018/05/10 15:32:39 0 0

Helloguys, i have some questions i want to get answered from you guys

1.Ino longer see the discount card, can I get a discount or not, I just want touse it, if I get a discount.

2.Ibought a package of two accounts, ie I can use the software on two machinesright or wrong.

3,IfI lose 1 machine, I request to cancel for use on a new machine is acceptable.???

4,Howmany google accounts can I enter into your software?.

5,Youhave the ability to search and watch videos on my channel, based on the searchkeyword I entered..

2018/05/10 18:46:31

1. Which version of TubeAssistPro will you buy please? We will consider to give you a discount.

2. The license can only be used on max 2 computers.

3. You can contact us, we will reset the license usage time for you in our system. Don't worry about it.

4. If the version you bought is unlimited accounts version, then you can add as many accounts as you want.

5. TubeAssistPro can search and watch the videos from the specific channel. Filter video by channel is a new function in TubeAssistPro, we will consider to add it in the future if we can. Please wait for the news.

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