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AIOStream - All videos on it

ReplyThanks 2018/04/26 15:56:10 1 0

Introduction to AIOStream

AIOStream is a marketing software designed by WhiteHatBox Team for music website. For people in the field of music, especially for people working on music websites or people like that, through a few steps like managing accounts, data source and tasks, their songs will soon spread all over the world!

Example of managing accounts on SoundCloud through AIOStream

This is an Example of managing accounts on SoundCloud through AIOStream. If you are not clear about account management part, come and have this video!

Data Source Management on AIOStream

Hello everybody here. This is a video of Data Source Management on AIOStream. Come and learn to use it. Your sound is gonna spread all over the world!

How to create and run a task?

How to create and run a task with AIOStream? This video will tell you everything about it. It's an example of SoundCloud.

2018/06/08 20:01:47
Can you please make a video for

Save/Remove specified album(s)

Auto Save/Remove specified album(s)

This is an option you said your bot had.

2018/06/09 17:14:55

No problem.

After we created this task module for you, we will create a video to show you how it works. Could you please wait for the news?

Right now, you can create the task module by yourself too if you cannot wait.

Thabo West
2018/07/13 00:02:42
It says invalid when I try to verify an account. Tried it abundant times, is there a solution? Another thing I need to know is that do I need to create accounts in order to do many plays?
2018/07/13 13:41:31

What account are you verifying? Where did you need to verify your account?

Yes, you need to provide your own accounts to run.

2018/07/18 08:25:14
Wow, I'm impressed you guys are really on top of your customer service. I'm learning too but I'm impressed at how fast you respond
Tony Valentine
2018/07/19 10:14:47


Thanks for your praise.

Is there anything i can do for you please?

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