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Why Taking So Damn Long To Release Simple Basic Video Tutorials Especially For Newbies

ReplyThanks 2018/03/03 03:40:10 0 0
How long does it take to make a simple video tutorial.....this doesn't speak well of your company. I am hesitant to make a purchase if there is no set of video tutorials to walk me through using your software. This is just a basic requirement. I have been checking for months and I see all you say is there will soon be video tutorials but still haven't created one. A simple screen recorder while you perform various tasks should suffice. This is is just weird.
2018/03/03 15:36:34

So sorry for the inconvenience.

I will mark this task as emergency. And will release the tutorial ASAP.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience. We are just back to work from Spring Festival.

2018/03/14 20:42:18
Almost 2 weeks has passed again.....still no video tutorials?
coups de cœur de Mathilde
2018/03/15 01:53:43
I agree with you encourag3r. We wonder if it actually works. What if it's a software that doesnt work?? And who lies? For 4 hours I try to open their tutorial it does not work! And you have to open the folder. JSON I am very trying to find somewhere else and elsewhere if anyone knows about YouTube I can no longer. I never use the software it always say we'll do it!!! We'll do it! But they do nothing. I'll still like to close this software again without being able to do anything
2018/03/16 11:37:54

Don't worry, we make sure it works.

I am sorry, we haven't released the tutorial ASAP. Could you please wait for the news. Thank you

You do not need to read the JSON file. You only need to import this file to this program. Then you can run it directly.

We already replied to you in details in your another post. Please go to check it.

Don't worry, we make sure it works. Do you have Skype? We can show you how it works via Skype.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

2018/04/15 11:51:07

I agree with all the users requesting video tutorials... I've purchased at least 5 products and video training is non-existent. Some products have videos that are based on a much older version of the software.

Given the software is not cheap... you'd think that having relevant videos for the current version of the software is a must.

I just bought tube assist pro... and as usual no manual and no videos...

Guy.. the products are good, support is less than perfect and manuals and demos are a joke..

Please address this as a matter of priority. It's not good business to sell software and make the customer wait as long as we've all been waiting for real how to videos.

2018/04/16 17:36:02

So sorry for the inconvenience.

I will urge our programmers to do some tutorials for this program ASAP. Please wait for the news. I already informed them now.

Yes, you are right. We should create tutorial for this program ASAP.

Very very sorry for the inconvenience.

Playtime with Ayden
2018/10/28 01:39:06
Seriously were are the video tutorials?
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