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Registration Automation failing to be able to activate form for submission

ReplyThanks 2018/02/26 15:40:30 0 0

I can automate the registration process up to solving the captcha and setting the response in the captcha response field. However the form is not able to be submitted even if the disabled on the submit button is removed and made active the form still cant be submitted.

This is likely due to some listening script on the registration process.

Im willing to offer a commission for the resolution on this.

If interested please let me know and will show you the registration page.



Web Automation Software - Botguru.net
2018/02/27 13:56:03
Which program are you talking about please? Any details to share to me please?
2018/02/27 14:34:23

was a program i was building for a site with a listening script on the login page for response from recaptcha v2.

which im told to solve manually by support but defeats the purpose of automation if doing anything manually in the process.

Web Automation Software - Botguru.net
2018/02/28 11:49:32

I am sorry.

Which program are you using to create the script please?

2018/02/28 12:29:51


http requests

ubot studio

selenium (c#)

are programs I tried. and the result was the same when it came to the listening script in the background.
Its fine I went another route and just going to have a VA solve the captchas manually
Web Automation Software - Botguru.net
2018/02/28 15:07:36

Are you using BotChief please?

BotChief can auto solve the captcha.

So could you please just tell us which program you are using? Thanks

2018/02/28 15:52:04
I've done so on support and above. by waying whitehat box I meant botchief yes.

(on left of page) register with email
insert details and solve captcha

submit button still disabled, and form cant be submitted.
even if you remove the disabled from submit button form cant be submitted still

theres an exact javascript that needs solved ont he page for the listening script. that the response has to be executed through to activate the form.
Web Automation Software - Botguru.net
2018/02/28 18:19:25

Ok i see

What is your Paypal/Payment email account please? Let me check it first. Thank you

After we checked it, i will arrange our programmer to check it for you. Don't worry

2018/02/28 21:29:15

I have already talked to Support who didnt do anything for me on support ticket.
Even offered for a paid solution.

licensed to admin [---at---] botguru -- .net

payment from tjgaushas [---at---] botguru -- .net

purchased on 2-16-2016

sure you can tell what to remove from that email

Web Automation Software - Botguru.net
2018/03/01 10:00:43

I am sorry, what is your support ticket number please? we will go to help you check it too. Don't worry

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