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I want my refund now

ReplyThanks 2018/02/06 13:09:18 0 0

Since 18th of Jan, the day I bought your software, I have been requesting a refund.

Your software does not work as it should.

Your company seems to be a scam and you steal money from people.

I want to be refunded.

2018/02/06 13:30:56

Which program did you buy please?

Is there any problem for this program please? Let's check it for you.

2018/02/06 14:00:21

You perfectly know which program because you're the one who deals with me on the support ticket 62798

I don't want your help anymore. I don't trust you.

I want to be refunded. I have just opened a dispute on Paypal.

2018/02/06 14:25:13

Oh sorry for that.

I talked this with our team leaders. They will refund it to you. Please wait for the news.

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