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ReplyThanks 2018/02/02 19:28:52 1 0


Since the day I bought your software, I have been requesting (via support ticket) a refund because it does not meet my expectations. It does not provide professional results (it provides the same results as any free spinner).

During one month, you asked me questions about the settings, and now you don't want to refund me because it's too late.

You're a dishonest team. You're not trustful.

I want my money back.

2018/02/03 15:02:40

What is your ticket link please?

Which result does not meet your needs please? Let us check it for you.

If this program really cannot work as promised, and we cannot help you, then we will refund it to you.

2018/02/03 16:32:36

Your program cannot work as promised.

In your ad, you claim that "SpinnerChief 5 can not only generate hundreds of new articles in minutes for you, but also in one click it can rewrite articles to a very high level of human readability and uniqueness because it uses The Best Natural Language Analysis and Artificial Intelligence techniques to understand your articles in the same way as Google does"

It's not true, your software just replaces some words with synonyms or other words with stupid things like replacing "thousands" by "hundreds". Any free tool can do that.

You say it can exchange some sentences but the results are horrible. It makes it randomly. It's stupid.

In addition, Norton Antivirus considers your software as not trustful and your advice is to create an exception. I'm not going to disconnect my antivirus and let you spy my computer.

My ticket is 62798

So I want a refund.

2018/02/03 17:31:41

It can generate many new articles in minutes.

We will go to test your article in our side. Please wait for the news.

If you do not need that function, you can disable it. Its your decision.

It is a false alarm. We do not pay any money for this company, and also here are some blackhat tools in whitehatbox. So you get this alarm.

Thanks, we will go to check it. Please wait for the news.

It is weekend in our country, so the reply will be slower than usual. So sorry for the inconvenience.

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