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This could be a repeat post because my last attempt on posting sent me to a blank page.

ReplyThanks 2018/01/27 20:30:48 0 0

When I submitted my original post, I got a message that 9+8 does not equal 17 and I ended up on a blank page not knowing if my post was submitted or not..

Original title "Open spreadsheet and text file, copy and paste data from text file to spreadsheet?

Original questions "Almost 4 years ago I asked about this and it was not possible because BotChief could not open spreadsheets or copy anything to the clipboard. Has that changed? I have hundreds of text files with approximately 165 lines each and need to automate the copy, paste and save functions.
1. I need to open a spreadsheet and a text file, select and copy the data in the text file and paste it into the spreadsheet.
2. Select and copy the results in the spreadsheet to another text file and save the results."

2018/01/29 16:45:47

Yes. This function is already here.

But please make sure the file format for Spreadsheet is CSV but not xlsx.

Use the Read File command first, then pull the data from CSV file to a Table Variable. Then use the Read File command to save the data from Table Variable to Txt file.

2018/01/31 18:28:33
Thank you.
2018/02/01 09:59:55

My pleasure.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any more help.

2018/02/03 20:24:50
I admit that in my previous attempts to understand how Botchief Editor is used I had real problems understanding how to set up a properly structured script. Do you know of anyone who might do this for a reasonable price? I suspect the learning curve for me to get a properly structured script set up and working is far greater than having someone do it for me.
2018/02/05 13:30:25


We can create this script for you, and teach you how it works.

Do you have Skype please? Please add our Skype whitehabox we can communicate with each other about the details of the bot.

2018/02/06 00:16:55
Thank you. I sent my inquiry using Skype and referred them to this thread so we don't have to go over every thing again.
2018/02/06 11:18:53

Yes i see

I already added you in Skype.

Contact me when you are back.

2018/02/07 03:13:41
What is your time zone and best time to contact you? Not today. My internet is very unstable today, not a normal situation.
2018/02/07 10:10:51


You can contact me when you are here, and leave message to me.

When i am here, i will reply to you.

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