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how can I create bot that can clicks ads on a website?

ReplyThanks 2018/01/26 23:01:58 0 0
how can I create a bot from BotChiefEditor (Developer version) that can be automatically click ads on several random articles.? only I want clicks to be make in random ads but from one ad company, I don't want my bot to click on adsense ads, I want my bot to click on only another network company ads showing on that page.. and that ads are at the footer in 6 part like native ads..
2018/01/29 16:19:52

If you are the first time to use this program. You'd better spend some time to watch the tutorial to study it first. Then you can know how to use it to create bot.

Type WhiteHatBox in YouTube, then subscribe it, then you can find many related tutorials.

Did you buy BotChief please? If you already bought it, any problem you meet in creating this bot, we can help you. Don't worry

2018/01/29 16:35:57
I did purchased. Dont say I didn't, cause if you said then I will have to sue you guys, I saw YouTube video but none of the video said how to make a bot click on ads on any website, or it can be programmed to visit a website and click random articles within the site and then click random ads. send me any tutorial you know which mentioned and taught about this
2018/01/29 16:53:11

I am sorry.

Currently there is no specific video to show you how to use BotChief to create the ads click bot.

But you can watch other tutorials. These are showing you how to run BotChief. You need to know how to use these commands first, then you can know how to create yourself bot.

Did you take time to study it first?

2018/01/29 16:55:57
I saw the commands but there are rarely or you can say there is no such command or process to open a site and then click on random articles and then within articles it clicks on ads, there is no such program
2018/01/29 17:22:13

Here are many commands in BotChief editor form. What is the form look like in your side?

If you want to load a page. Then you should use the Load Url command.

Control Operate command is usually used to do the click operation.

I strongly suggest you take time to watch the tutorials. It will be helpful to you if you want to create yourself bot.

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