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hello i just bought some credit with your phones system

ReplyThanks 2018/01/18 21:53:09 0 0

my question is...

is it possible to use your APIs out of botchief software?

i would love to use your system manually to retreive phone verification codes


2018/01/19 11:27:25

I am sorry.

You cannot manually take and verify the phone number from this website.

Which program will you use this service please?

2018/01/19 20:09:39

hi. i would love to use your api with python

however, where can i find a tutorial to install and use your plugin to use your verification numbers with botchief?

2018/01/22 14:44:35

I am sorry.

Currently there is no tutorial about how to use this plugin.

But we will consider to create a tutorial in the future, please wait for the news.

Which step cannot you know how to use it? We can check it for you.

Btw, did you buy BotChief please?

2018/01/22 15:11:37

actually i do not understnad the whole process of obtaining a verification number...

for example:

when i use getphonecode(acquirePhone)

i set up my parameters with my account name and password

and i use as apiid the id i find in my page "recharge records"..

i click TEST RUN

and the result is: ERR: Time Out in the variable i set as output

2018/01/22 18:22:17

Please use these two commands (SMSPva Service and GetSMSCode Service) to solve the phone in Others category.

Please do not send the same post twice next time. Thank you

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