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Import YouTube Sub Channel Accounts Feature

ReplyThanks 2017/12/28 22:01:56 0 0
Can you guys please find away of importing all the sub YouTube accounts automatically when we import the main YouTube account into the software, this feature would save us a lot of time and and money, as there is not way of import sub accounts at the moment ( i don't see away right now). if i could import sub accounts its would bring my accounts volume up from 20 accounts to 200 accounts, please consider this asap. thanks
2017/12/29 10:16:12
I am sorry, what is the YouTube sub channel accounts? Any details to show me please? Let me check first.
Michael Pink_LBDiR
2017/12/30 02:46:02
2018/01/02 11:37:58
Where did you get this one please? Can you please share me your link? Thanks in advance.
2018/11/28 20:59:13
Can u give me template to Import Multi email from file csv. thank
2018/11/29 16:07:10

Are you talking about the Import function please? If yes, this function is already in this software, follow following screenshot to import your accounts using the Import function.

2018/11/29 17:22:11


i can't do that. can u give me template to my email: ludquan@gmail.com or version tube assit. thank u

2018/11/29 20:56:53
thank u for help. but it's still error. i try with ver
2018/11/30 17:08:24

Already informed the programmer to check and test it, please wait for the news.

Right now, please use TXT file to import accounts temporary.

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