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PVA GMAILcreator is not working

ReplyThanks 2017/12/20 22:57:03 0 0

Where can I find the ApiKey fromdeathbycaptcha? I had created deathbycaptcha account but got no idea how to putthe API key in the program

2017/12/21 17:34:05

This ApiKey is from smspva website. Follow the below steps to find it:

Find the API here:

Copy and paste the API to the box, click save button.

2017/12/21 21:55:09

Got it ! After I update to V1.1.6~ It's working. But After update to v1.1.7, the gmail creator got the same issue after fill out phone number. I'm wondering if I can go back to v1.1.6? Even back to v1.1.6 , I tried to make 100 gmail only 11 of them success, is it normal or I have to change the setting?


2017/12/22 11:48:10

In the Message column, what does the full sentence please? Can you please show us?

2017/12/22 12:02:51
It shows "Bad End. Message: Phone service error" or "Bad End. Message: Phone wrong". Is it the problem from smspva.com/???
2017/12/23 16:11:37
Please wait minute to run this bot. Or contact smspva to know the details.
2018/05/15 21:13:46
any tutorial on how to use this Gmail account creation?
2018/05/16 11:22:35
7 # Judithgirl 2018/5/15 21:13:46
any tutorial on how to use this Gmail account creation?

Yes, here you go:


Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

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