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Why hiding following like forum you don't like people to know you are uploading accounts to your server?

ReplyThanks 2017/12/01 20:38:06 0 0

Why hiding following like forum you don't like people to know you are uploading accounts to your server?

You are terrible software and company.

Bad bad bad taking user information without permissions.

2017/12/04 10:29:21

We do not hide it. What are you talking about please?

We already told you many times that your data are not saved fully on our server, we don't steal your account. Nobody can steal it. Why did you say so?

Is your account steal by someone?

2017/12/24 11:25:51
sure you don't hide it why none can see it?? Always a liar like in other post you tell many lies that is why you are hide that section from public!
2017/12/24 11:28:49
this company cancel my VIP membership to all software because I expose their unethical practice of taking user account information to their server without telling the user and have NO PRIVACY POLICY anywhere!
2017/12/25 14:00:26


1. We only allow our users to access the forum to discuss the software, some technology and methods will be known only by our users. Not only this software is like this, many of our other software is like this too. We respect our user including you. You keep to slander us like this, we still save you posts and didn't kick you out of the forum.

2. We will never cancel your VIP membership except there is any payment problem in your account. If there is any problem, you can tell us your payment email, we will check your payment, then fix it if there is any problem.

3. Again and Again, we don't upload your accounts details to our server, nobody can see your account details and password including us even if our server got hacked. Frankly and honestly, you keep to say this, you let me think you maybe the one who want to crack our software.

4. There is privacy policy in the payment form.

5. If you think we are steal something from you, you should stop using our system and ask lawyer to contact us. Btw, we have thousands of users to use the software, and there are hundreds of thousands accounts are running in our software, nobody reported that their accounts got lost or something by using the software because we never save your account details!

6. If you keep to slander us like this, we will ask our lawyer to contact you.

Let's ROCK!
2019/01/07 05:18:34

hahahahaha they are not stealing accounts you funny person lol's

2019/01/08 13:40:49

Of course we are not. How do we know your account details?

Do you have any question for this software please? If yes, please post your question here, we will reply to you soon.

2019/01/12 23:07:32
Can I use followinglike to mass message people in someone else's group or upload a CSV file to have it message them?
2019/01/14 15:02:15

Are you talking about Facebook please?

Facebook' send message function can send mass message to the group member. Also you can upload the list of user who you want to message to the software.

Here is the sample:

Waiting for your news.

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