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Dismy Pos

Sleep Module

ReplyThanks 2017/11/30 14:28:25 0 0

I want to post to groups in quick succession, but take a break between every 10 or 12 posts to prevent fb from blocking me. Can I use the sleep module to do this?

How do I set this up?

Red Spiral
2017/12/01 16:31:54
If the post number is only 1 in each run. Then yes, you can add a Sleep module in the end of the task to pause the task for 10-20s before it starts to post again.
Dismy Pos
2017/12/05 15:19:43

Thanks, but what do you mean if the post number is only 1 in each run?

It seems from your answer that the Sleeep module is for between tasks, not between posts. Is this correct?

For instance, I have a task that post once only to 100 different groups. Can I only sleep at the end of this task, or can I sleep in between the different posts in this one task as well?

Red Spiral
2017/12/05 18:59:29

Sleep module is to pause a while once it finished one module. Task will run from the first module to the end.

Please set the interval time if the post number in Post to group module is not 1. If the post to group number you set is 1, then you can add a Sleep in the end of the task.

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