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BotChief Variable

ReplyThanks 2017/11/27 04:21:24 0 0
Hello guys! I just started using botchief today. I want to run a bot that creates accounts with already existing emails. I am trying to find a way for Botchief to automatically assign each email i have to each account but I have no idea how to. So in essence I want my 100 already made emails to be assigned to 100 accounts created by Botchief. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks
2017/11/28 16:46:59

Use the Set Value command, then in its settings form, choose a variable to enter the value.

Then you can assign your emails to the variable before run. Please create a Local, initialize available.

Btw, here are many videos in this forum to show you how to use BotChief, did you watch them?

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