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Do you really need customers' feedback?

ReplyThanks 2017/10/31 09:23:32 0 0

Hey there,

The first reason I considering buying this software is that, you are saying: Please help us to improve FollowingLike

I did think that you were improving this software as per your clients suggestion, but I feel I was wrong one month after I placed the order.

The software looks like have been updated twice, but I didn't see any improvement, On the contrary, I saw someone protecting. I don't know about the problem a lot coz I am not an IT guy, but I do know my suggestion was totally ignored, my thread there only have one or two reply and then no more followup.

1. what is the OPEN icon for?

It open its debug window, loging in maybe, and then close itself.

What is it doing? what is the difference from the START icon? And even it login successfully, the stauts is still UNCHECKED if it was unchecked. It is so stupid!

What I ask for is, make the OPEN button open local browser with dedicated proxy set, open in a incognito mode, so that I can do something myself, because your debug window do NOT allow me to leave Facebook.

2. Use cookies

All bots use cookies to login, but this one DOES NOT! If you close the bot and then open again, sorry, you have to do login again! And it takes HOURS even there is only 50 accounts!! and the login procedure is also STUPID, I don't want to describe it again.

And i suggest that you use cookies, and also add a way to import accounts with cookies. Login with cookies is a much safer way.

Are those modification difficult? Even I am not a programmer, I can tell that they are NOT difficult.

And it's been a month, nothing changed!

I believe your guys are trying to make it big business, that's why you guys work so hard to promote it. But the best way is to improve it, not make discount all the time, and so that the my Followinglike will not be sleeping over there all the time because I can't use them.

Yes, my copy is still sleeping over there, waiting for a real updating, but when will you update it ????

2017/10/31 14:59:41

I sincerely apologize for not replying to your message and waste your precious time.

1.The debug window is used to get your account information. You can close the debug window in the settings interface,then it won't popup.

2.We are still trying to improve it, make discount doesn't mean our software is bad.

3.Every updating not means all functions of the software will be updated.We need time to integration all the suggestions from our users.

4.Very thanks your feedback, we know it will help us improve followinglike significantly.

2017/10/31 20:19:00

You don't even understand what I was saying according to your reply, how could we expect that you are able to forward our suggestion precisely to the programmers???

How about read it through with more attention, in stead of replying with your political language?

It's been over 30 days, NOT 3 days.!!

2017/11/01 11:05:54

Open icon and use cookies, you have explained to me in your other post before.

The debug window, i only want to explain it exists meaning ,as the same time i have informed to our programmers what do you want to do with it.

The time problem,could you please give us more time to update it?

2017/11/01 11:56:29

1.The software saved the account with the cookie does not mean this account is no problem, because the cookie of the account will expire when it to a certain time

2.If the account is logged in and normal, the debug window will only appear once(even some site won't appear);

If the account is not logged in or it's login information was expired, then the debug window will appear three times (the first time it found the account has no login or its login information expired when obtaining the account information, the second time will go to login account, the third time to obtain account information) (some sites Will only appear once when logged in. Then get information has been processed internally)

3.Open button:this can use the local browser UserAgent which is no any difference with local browser,also you can manually log on, save the cookie. Now all the operations of the software are through the previously saved cookie to access the account, not every time you log on.

2017/11/01 21:55:56

Let me explain again, here is what happen exactly:

1. the account status is "Uncchecked", though it should be GOOD at the first .

2. I click the OPEN button the first time, nothing happen, I guess it already run something in background

3. Then I click OPEN the 2nd time, a debug window open, but close itself very fast.

4. I click OPEN the 3rd time, finally I see the loged in FB account, but still close itself very soon, like in 5 seconds.

FYI, run updating before this oppration, that means this is the newest version.

You see the problem?

1. The debug window always close itself very soon, what I supposed to do with a closed window?

2. The status is still UNCHECK while it login successfully at least 2 times! Maybe 3 times!!!

3. The debug window has NO address bar to input any URL. Did you really read through my thread? Let me quote it here:

In debug window, it seems I can do click or something else, but they are all inside Facebook.(Facebook version), but I need to do something like loging in other social media website.

How can I use debug window as regular browser while there is NO address bar?

Now. some other problem in your reply:

I don't want to talk about cookies in details, and I am not an IT guy, but how many times a regular browser need to close and open for loging in FB?

How long will they ask you to input your user name / psw again? If you use the same computer (cookies), the answer is NEVER.

Maybe not all my accounts are good, but they are NOT all bad.

My point is, you really ignore the cookies.

These are NOT big programming issue, 30 days not enough, how long you need?

If you really work on it, I guess it is a one day job.

2017/11/02 14:05:33

1.The default state is unchecked after restarting the software. You should check your account,then its status will changed. If you want the status of your account always keep normal,this is very difficult to achieve because the cookie own limitations


The open button is not to login in your account,it is used to convenient for you to do something in facebook.com.

though you can see it has login in your account,that is use your account cookies at the beginning. The status is still UNCHECK while it login successfully at least 2 times! Maybe 3 times!!! This is very normal because you clicked open button but not start button,so it didn't login successfully in fact.

5.We will add a address bar in open button before 16 November ,then you can do something in other social media website.

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