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unfollow using .csv list!

ReplyThanks 2017/10/23 22:53:13 0 0

How can I unfollow a list of Instagram profile addresses (.csv)?

In other words I load a .csv file into the program containing Instagram addresses and program uninstall them.

2017/10/24 11:39:01
Here is the workflow to unfollow the imported profile:

Add a Account module to select an account to run.

Add a Url module to import your list of profile address.

Add a Unfollow module to unfollow them.

Note: If you have multiple accounts to run in this task, then please select move the row to the last row in Url module. If you only have 1 account to run, then you can select delete it or move the row to the last. After you using this setting, program won't unfollow the same profile again and again.

2017/10/25 01:39:25

thanks for response. I have a .csv list of about 2500 of my followings. can I imported in this task without having to type all the urls one by one!

2017/10/25 06:47:38

can you upload the exported task as well pls.


2017/10/25 15:08:06
Please wait a moment, i will give you the details later.
2017/10/25 16:11:16


Unzip this file and import it into followingike.

Change the old link into your page link in the URL module before you run it.

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