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help with this task please

ReplyThanks 2017/10/17 17:39:41 0 0

I am trying to make a task to unfollow my followings who have less than 50 followers.

It doesn't seem to work. take a look please.


2017/10/18 09:24:30

I will check it for you and give you details later.

Please wait patiently.

2017/10/18 14:42:48

Wipe cache first,then change your settings following below steps.

Be make sure there are followings who have less than 50 followers.

Also please set the interval time to 60-80 of unfollow in account limt module.

2017/10/19 15:21:07

Thanks for reply. i changed everything accordingly but unfortunately it still doesnt work!


2017/10/19 16:39:47

Has it run successfully one time before?

Are you sure there still are some your following who has less than 50 followers.

2017/10/19 18:36:05

I don't know if it has been successful once or not. haven't noticed.

And I precisely have 301 such followings!

2017/10/20 11:53:36


Before you run it, click it follow 1-2-3 order.

It will search 5 results each time, it possible there is no users who less than 50 followers in the 5 results, so it will show failure, but please let it run.

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